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​​Gunsmith Larry Feland has dedicated his life to the Fit, Care & Restoration of fine shotguns.
His passion is evident in the daily execution of everything he does 
(from a hidden screw that has to be straightened, to a complete restoration).
He has a tenacity for things that seem to be impossible.
This tenacity usually leads to the saving of a fine shotgun.
Keeping close to the family for help,
Mary Feland (his wife) manages the office and helps out in the shop,
Ashlee Goss  Front office, Lynn Weismann custom work .
  Nathan Feland (son) , Keith Sewell
and Logan Seelke  are gunsmith apprentices.

Feland runs a High Grade Shotgun Shop which caters to the needs of today's
demanding target and game shooters. " I started in 1981 building stocks and
rust bluing full time. Learned the importance of stock fit early on and
all the variables associated with it. Back in 1982 at the request of Cyril Adams,
a widely acknowledged double gunexpert, I started stock bending and
making leather pads."

Larry has been studying the fit of the whole shotgun as it pertains to each individual shooter.
Bob Brister, a good friend and well-renowned shotgun expert, has been a great source of
knowledge through the years. Bob and Larry have studied the aspects of shotgunning
from many different angles and have come up with Larry's guidelines for fitting shotguns.

Feland has a reputation of being able to spot the small

things that interfere with proper stockfit and mount,
while keeping the overall balance of the gun in mind throughout the fitting process.